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Divorce Or Dissolution?

When people are considering ending a marriage, the term that comes to mind is divorce. However, depending on your relationship with your partner and how you’d like to proceed through the legal process, you have options outside of divorce.

Over the years, individuals have heard phrases like uncontested divorce, amicable divorce or collaborative divorce. To some degree – and with subtle legal differences – these terms are all used to describe a divorce where the divorcing couple is in agreement on most factors that can traditionally lead to heated disputes. At Abney Law Office, LLC, our family law attorneys offer to represent Ohio clients through the process of divorce or dissolution.

What Is The Difference Between A Divorce And A Dissolution?

The difference between a divorce and a dissolution is that a dissolution is filed as an agreement between the parties. The dissolution process is nonadversarial, unlike a divorce. With a dissolution, the parties are in agreement on all issues pertaining to the termination of the marriage.

The process for a dissolution is much quicker than getting a divorce. Under a dissolution, the parties approach legal counsel with the intent to work out a settlement prior to filing with the court. We will prepare the pleadings, separation agreement, affidavits, shared parenting plan and other legal documents. Once the parties sign the documents, your attorney files the documents with the court and obtains a hearing date. The hearing date is typically four to six weeks from the date of filing and will finalize the termination of the marriage.

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