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Abney Law Office is proud to support families through the adoption process as we know it is an exciting and emotional time for everyone involved.  Attorney Robert Abney and his team can help you through the detailed and complex pleadings and service of process to guide you through the adoption process.  Our law office has experience handling the adoption process for clients in Stark and Surrounding Counties.

With an adoption, the parents become the legal parents of the child and assume all the rights and privileges over a child as they would have with the birth of a biological child.  The adopted child has all the same rights and privileges as a biological child within the adoptive family.  There are many circumstances that lead to an adoption.  Our office serves families through several forms of adoption, including:

  • Step-parent adoption
  • Uncontested adoption
  • Contested adoption
  • Relative adoption

The Abney Law Office will passionately support the family throughout the adoption process by keeping you up-to-date about all the details on your adoption.  We understand the intricacies of the process and how to avoid costly mistakes. Our team is equipped to address all the issues and complexities inherent in adoptions and help reduce your stress so you can focus on incorporating a new member into your family.  If you’re in need of an experienced adoption attorney, contact the Abney Law Office at 330-453-3890 to arrange an initial consultation. We would be honored to serve as your adoption attorney and help you expand your family.