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Tips for telling your husband you want a divorce

Have you come to the conclusion that divorce is the best way to improve your life? Are you ready to discuss this with your husband in the near future?

If this is something that's been on your mind, don't wait any longer to bring it to light so that you can make progress. The last thing you want is the idea of divorce weighing you down for any longer, especially as the holidays approach. You may find that the relief off of your back outweighs the noble intention to "not ruin the holidays" by maintaining the fa├žade of being together.

On the surface, it sounds easy enough to ask your husband for a divorce. However, when the time finally comes, you know that this will be extremely difficult.

Here are some tips to follow when the time comes to talk about divorce:

1. Get to the point

You really want to avoid beating around the bush, as this will make the entire process more difficult on both you and your husband.

If you've decided to ask for a divorce, find the right time to do so and then lay it on the table. Doing so in a calm and gentle manner will make things much easier for both parties.

2. Do so at the right time

There is a right and wrong time to discuss divorce with your husband. For example, you should never have this conversation in front of your children.

Instead, choose a time when you can have a serious conversation without any interruptions.

3. Be safe

This goes along with the above, as you also need to choose a safe place to have this conversation. If you have any reason to believe that your husband could become angry and potentially violent, opt to have the discussion in a public place.

If things are really bad, you may even want to call the person on the phone. This isn't the ideal situation, but it may be what's best for you from a safety perspective.

4. Talk about what's next

It's one thing to ask for a divorce, but another thing entirely to discuss what's to come. You don't have to hash out all the details, but you definitely want to get a better idea of which steps the both of you will take in the immediate future.

5. Leave on good terms

While this isn't always possible, you should walk away from the conversation on good terms with your husband. It can be difficult, but doing so will allow for a less stressful divorce process.

There are many factors to address as you discuss divorce and move forward. When you understand what you want to accomplish, as well as how the legal system works, it's much easier to put your relationship in the past without any additional stress.

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